AuthorConnect Chat: Carmine Gallo wants you to get ‘Five Stars!’

Five Stars by Carmine Gallo

Learn how to grow your communication skills and master the ancient art of persuasion.

We love the opportunity to connect clients with new and exciting content. At BookPal, we believe in the power of books to ignite continuous learning and growth. That’s why we sat down with bestselling author Carmine Gallo to discuss his book Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great.

Carmine wrote his newest book Five Stars because he realizes more and more — as the forces of globalization, technology, and AI converge — how vitally important it is to be able to craft your message and get people to hone in on what you need them to know. Transforming leaders into powerful storytellers is what Carmine does and we’re excited to hear and learn from Carmine about how to get our communication and persuasion skills from good to great.

There were so many great takeaways from the chat, we couldn’t fit them all in this blog post. Here are a few:

1. Aristotle outlined the elements and formula for persuasion and every great communicator uses it.

Great communicators follow the same formula.  For persuasion to occur, Aristotle said three things must be present:

Ethos – credibility/ character

Logos – logic and/or making a logical argument backed by data, facts, and evidence

Pathos – emotion

2. Storytelling is the most compelling way to reach people.

Emotion is the fastest path to the brain. To make sure your ideas get heard, consider using a compelling story. After all, persuaders trigger movements. Actor Alan Alda is very passionate about the science of communication: “If we’re looking for a way to bring emotion to someone, a story is the perfect vehicle.”

3. It’s impossible to be a strong leader in today’s world without being a great storyteller.

You have to emotionally connect with people and make your storytelling personal.  Ask yourself, “Why are you working for this company?  What’s your connection to the product or message?”

4. Tell your story (make it personal!) for greater impact.

Most of our behavior is governed by emotions. Thanks to neuroscience, we’ve learned more about storytelling in the last 10 years than at any prior time.  Storytelling around a campfire happened about 40,000 years ago.  This was a key anthropological development.  And this is how we share information with one another.

5. One should always strive to be a “Learn-it-all” instead of a “Know-it-all.”

Through a hunger for learning, one can continually and exponentially improve their knowledge of almost anything.  Not only is our access to information greater than ever, but this quest for more information and more knowledge also enhances our personal journeys and stories.

No matter the industry, communication skills are key. If you’re interested in learning and growing in your communication skills, check out this great book. Five Stars is available now for your team or organization!

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    This post was written by Karlyn Hixson, Marketing Director at BookPal.  She is currently reading Fear by Bob Woodward.

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