Jamie Mustard’s Guide to Standing Out (OWL Award Spotlight)

With endorsements from Daniel H. Pink (When, Drive, A Whole New Mind), Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard, and Fast Company cofounder William C. Taylor, the BookPal team knew Jamie Mustard’s debut was not to be overlooked. The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out certainly lives up to its name, standing heads above countless new releases as our editorial team considered titles for the 2019 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Awards. In honor of his award in the Sales & Marketing category, we connected with Jamie to learn more about his publishing experience and the impact The Iconist is making on the world.

“I want great things to end up in the hands of great people.”

With a blend of visual storytelling, rich research, and a universally applicable thesis, The Iconist is well-deserving of its time in the spotlight. “Being nominated alongside Malcolm Gladwell, Safi Bahcall, Nir Eyal, and David Epstein” left a tremendous mark on him, Jamie said in his statement to the BookPal team. “For me, as a first-time author to be in this company is indescribable.”

But it’s not just the notoriety of his endorsements and shared shelf space that earned him the award. When asked what the response has been like since The Iconist released, he expressed, “The response has been incredible. I get messages on LinkedIn and Facebook all the time telling me either how the ideas in the book have transformed someone’s life or made them understand something they were already doing right.” Jamie has taken the limelight in stride, maintaining a humble attitude throughout it all and letting his book’s boldness speak for itself.

A courageous new spin on marketing books like Contagious and Stories That Stick, Jamie usurps our concepts of perception to build his unique argument on why some things leave an imprint on our minds while others fade further than memory. But while The Iconist outlines actionable strategies for readers to employ as sales and marketing tactics, the purpose and message comes from a far deeper source. Jamie claims “we have lost our voices drowning in a sea of digital white noise… By giving others a path to be seen,” he hopes to instill relief and surety in the rising leaders in “art, science, culture, and business.”

Jamie Mustard author of The Iconist

“I can help anyone stand out.”

Not only is Jamie’s book a perfect fit for the Sales & Marketing OWL Award, but he also embodies the BookPal mission to ignite continuous learning and growth. “As a person that struggled with literacy when I was younger,” Jamie told us, “this purpose means a lot to me and makes [receiving] the award very special…I have had to overcome a lot in life and I have done that with a deep persistence and my own mission of pushing myself, growing, and most of all, learning.” Regardless of hardships Jamie may have faced in the past, his brilliant mind, penchant for artistry, and passion for authentic education could very well establish him as an Icon in the making.

While he relishes the success and influence The Iconist has on his readers, there are even more stand-out projects on the horizon. Jamie has two books already in idea and development stages: one is an actionable blueprint that aims “to drive projects, creative and otherwise, to improve speed, productivity, and outcomes,” and the other is a fiction book that will capture the feelings surrounding some of his personal experiences.

Regardless of what his next step might be, it’s clear Jamie’s journey isn’t over. Be on the lookout for more books and announcements from Jamie, and be sure to order copies of The Iconist in bulk online. To learn more about additional OWL Award Winners, click here.

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This post was written by Danielle Brown, the Ecommerce Specialist at BookPal. She is currently reading House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City) by Sarah J. Maas.

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