AuthorConnect Chat: Karen Wickre Shares Networking Tips

Karen Wickre gives pointers on how to maximize your networking skills and experience.

Networking—how do you go about it constructively? Many people think of networking as a chore, and don’t like it because it feels very superficial. However, it is a crucial skill that one must have to succeed in today’s work environment. As an experienced person in this field, Karen Wickre provides tips on how to make networking fun and effective.

Why Should You Network?

Networking is now a lifelong endeavor. Here’s why you should do it:

We are changing jobs more frequently. The average millennial works an average of 12 jobs during their working years.

More people are working independently. There are 41 million (and growing!) self-employed Americans.

Relocation. The average person relocates 11 times or more in their lifetime.

We are all working longer. People are now retiring at a later age.

Three Parts to Making Great Connections

There are three key factors to make your networking experience successful. These suggestions are a basic overview of what strong networkers do:

1. Have Live Conversations. Have conversations with people face to face, on phone calls, or on video chats. Be clear on the context for your exchange, but get acquainted with the person first. Be personal and personable.

2. Say Yes! Follow through with coffee chats and conversations. Don’t hesitate to say “yes” if a connection offers to introduce you to someone new. Your introducer knows something about you and your goals and wants to help. Make sure to thank them afterward!

3. Keep in Touch. Keep in loose touch with those you already know. Make note of their interests and send them items related to this. Let them know that you’re thinking about them.

Build and Grow

Networking is an important key to success. Every one of us will need help from someone we don’t know sooner or later. Therefore, connecting meaningfully is a long-term game. Practicing your networking skills can help reduce the stress of doing it, and eventually, you can network freely and with ease. Today, networking is taking a larger part of the professional lifestyle.

In fact, our need to build a network isn’t going away anytime soon.


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