AuthorConnect Chat: Kevin Kruse Explains Why Great Leaders Have No Rules

Kevin Kruse AuthorConnect Chat

Explore the reasons why leaders don’t follow rules

As a New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur who has started and co-founded several million-dollar businesses, Kevin Kruse knows the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t work. He shares his knowledge in his new book, Great Leaders Have No Rules and discusses 10 contrarian principles for better, faster, easier leadership. Kevin covers 3 of these topics in an AuthorConnect Chat:

Have No Rules

Rules take away the chance for employees to make choices. It also hinders conversations. Having rules creates the mentality of “it’s your company, not my company,” which may obstruct employee engagement. Hire the right people and use values as guardrails. Use feedback and coaching to facilitate employee behavior.

Close Your Open Door Policy

People are constantly being interrupted throughout the day by quick meetings, texts, Slack messages, and phone calls. Deep focused work cannot be done because of this. Instead, close your door and open your calendar. Set the ground rules and avoid the passive communication strategy that an open door policy creates. Use office hours, and maintain an “hour of power” for deep concentration work. Your employees should have the confidence to solve their own problems.

Leadership is Not a Choice

Everyone is a leader whether they want to be or not. Leadership is synonymous with influence. Your choices and actions affect those around you. Your emotions at work are especially important. They rub off on those around you! You are a leader to yourself, at work, and at home. The question is: are you leading in a positive direction or a negative one?


Watch the full AuthorConnect Chat video below to learn more about the 10 leadership principles. Purchase copies of Great Leaders Have No Rules to develop your team or organization’s leadership skills and help them thrive.

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