AuthorConnect Chat: Mo Bunnell’s Snowball System for Success

AuthorConnect Chat with Mo Bunnell

“This is how you think big, you start small, and scale up over time.” —Mo Bunnell

The nonfiction book world is riddled with productivity-boosting, bad-habit-breaking, overpromising business development blueprints. Sorting through the fluff to uncover hidden gems can be a challenge entirely on its own. At BookPal, we want to cut through the noise to deliver actionable insights from books that break the mold.

In pursuit of books with truly transformative powers, our team sat down with Mo Bunnell, author of The Snowball System: How to Win More Business and Turn Clients Into Raving Fans. “It’s more than a book. It’s a complete system,” said Mo during our AuthorConnect Chat, citing his own difficulty with business growth as his source of inspiration: “It was almost through the pain of the fear of trying to learn business development in an effective way that made me create a thing for me that I didn’t know people would want until much later.”

What was sparked by his own personal journey in business has, you might say, snowballed into a comprehensive guide for virtually any profession. Applicable for side gigs and startups all the way to multinational conglomerates, The Snowball System drives success on a personal and organizational level. In this AuthorConnect Chat, Mo was nice enough to provide an overview of The Snowball System and share three game-winning, scalable strategies to boost personal and professional productivity.

1. Set goals.

Goal-setting is common in business, whether you focus on sales dollars, an annual quota, or some other catch-all metric. However, Mo states these are long-term, “lagging” indicators: They’re the numbers that show whether you’ve fallen behind or not.

The Snowball System, and the results it ignites, relies on “leading” indicators—short-term, top-priority goals set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis—in tandem with long-term KPIs. These goals “should be just a little bit scary,” according to Mo, “just outside of what we’re comfortable doing.” Break your far-reaching goal(s) into smaller, reasonable chunks so they are easier to focus on.

2. Celebrate incremental progress.

Supported by a Harvard study, Mo claims, “The most successful people and the happiest are folks that celebrate incremental progress.” He suggests you develop a weekly ritual—either alone or with your team (or both)—that celebrates your past-week achievements. While it may take three to five weeks for the habit to kick in, this routine will become more natural and efficient the longer you maintain it.

3. Build psychological momentum.

Finally, we see the snowball effect truly in action by marrying the first two steps to build psychological momentum. Mo reminds us to start small, saying, “We set the initial bar so low we can step over it, and we build up over time.” This is the crucial ingredient to establishing a sustainable goal-crushing cycle for yourself. Soak in each small win week over week until you snowball through an entire year (or more), and you can grow yourself and your business further and faster than ever before.

“Strive for perfection, and ring the bell on progress.” —Mo Bunnell

Employing Mo’s approach with these three steps alone, you can drive tremendous growth in your personal productivity and in the success of your team or organization. But it’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Dive into The Snowball System, and you’ll unleash a landslide of tools and tactics to help you make monumental changes in the way you conduct yourself and your business—and achieve monumental results.

For the full AuthorConnect Chat, check out the video below, and order The Snowball System in bulk today for your team, business, or organization.


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This post was written by Danielle Brown, Ecommerce Specialist at BookPal. She is currently reading Unfiltered by Jessica Abo.

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