Rob Jolles Explains “Why People Don’t Believe You”

As a sought-after speaker and bestselling author, Rob Jolles knows some tips and tricks for sounding credible.

When we are tasked with any type of public speaking, our first instinct is to write down what we want to say and then memorize that. We lose the tune of our speech in this process. The harder we try to master our words, the more unauthentic they sound. It’s not that words are failing us; it’s the way we convey them. Instead, we should work on ways to improve our confidence while speaking.

How can we start gaining confidence in public speaking? Practice! Rob Jolles’ Why People Don’t Believe You provides a thorough explanation of how to sound credible while speaking to your audience by focusing on key points.

The 3 P’s To Focus On

• Pitch. Add emphasis to certain points to highlight them. Speaking in a monotone manner not only bores your audience, but it also disengages them.

• Pace. Slow down your voice to draw people in or speed up your voice to hold their attention. Generally speaking, faster speech tends to signal urgency, excitement, passion, or raw emotion. On the other hand, speaking slower signals importance, seriousness, or significant ideas. You need a variation of both to hold someone’s attention!

• Pause. Pausing is a strategic way to intensify your message. Pauses are often ignored, but they give your audience a chance to think about what you have said.

Practice, Then Perfect

Jolles suggests incorporating acting, improv, and musical tips into the way we speak. The goal is to build enough confidence to where we can incorporate life, energy, and enthusiasm into the way we talk. Furthermore, this is a fun way to build the three P’s.

Job seekers are not the only ones who need to develop these communication skills. The need to sound credible while speaking is a skill that’s necessary for every aspect of one’s personal and professional life. Essentially, just be authentic and don’t be afraid to show imperfection. This will help you find your tune and therefore help you sound credible to those you talk to.


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This post was written by Shelly Ye, the Marketing Intern at BookPal.  She is currently reading The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

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