‘An Ideal Wine’ by David Darlington | A Look at Wine Production from a Different Side of the Vine

an ideal wineWhether you’re a wine connoisseur or an avid wine drinker (from a box, bag or bottle) you’ll appreciate David Darlington’s latest work exploring California wine makers’ pursuit of excellence in wine creation. An Ideal Wine explores both the beauty and business behind one of California’s most famous beverages. On the one hand, the industry cultivates an image of wine being an almost accidental beverage, a product of a munificent nature that takes ripe fruit from sun-dappled vineyards and somehow, magically, transforms it into a liquid symphony that can ennoble not only those who consume it but also those who make it. On the other, it is a ruthless, cutthroat business, one that accounts for more than $18 billion in sales every year — 80% of which goes through fewer than a dozen large corporations. And as important as the image of a rustic vigneron might be, the specialty equipment and chemical enhancements used in most modern wineries are capable of spinning neutral grape juice into salable product.

According to Russ Parsons, the LA Times Food Editor, “One of Darlington’s strengths is that he is able to pull back the curtain on the wine business without ever losing sight that the beverage itself is capable of great magic. He takes us into the worlds of utterly opposite wine figures — or so it seems.” Read the full review here.

Explore the wild side of wine with this fun summer read and maybe get inspired to learn more about your favorite drink. It also makes a great gift and can be customized!


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